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Charlie is joining Chime!

The Charlie team joined the fantastic, like-minded folks at Chime to further our mission of helping everyday Americans worry less about money. As a result, we shut down the Charlie app as of August 2021.

Charlie on a Chime train

What was Charlie?

Charlie was an adorable penguin that made managing money and paying off debt easy, fun, and rewarding.

Charlie turned your habits into debt repayments, allowing you to be debt-free years sooner and save thousands in interest — all without making drastic changes to your lifestyle.

Charlie helped manage your overall financial health by crunching through billions of dollars of transactions every day to give you simple, timely, and personalized recommendations.

And penguin gifs. Lots of them.

Ultimately, Charlie wanted to make things more fair. We think that personal finance is harder than it needs to be, and this is only increasing inequality.

What are other apps you recommend?

There is a great one called Chime. Definitely check it out!

What if I have questions about my Charlie account?



We miss you!