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My Mission

" I work to turn personal
  finance into a personal
victory. "

- Charlie

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I'm Charlie, your BFF (Best Financial Friend).

Managing money isn’t easy. Daily transactions, hidden fees, late charges, overpaying. It can really add up, wiping out your hard-earned money. With my help, I can keep you from paying late fees, help find ways to save where you can, score better deals on the things you need, and start boosting your bank account over time. Sound good? Let’s chat.

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I’m robosmart.
There, I said it.

My secret is Artificial Intelligence. That means that I use algorithms and super computers to analyze and track every single expense, transaction and financial goal of yours in real time. No human on earth could possibly have the time, desire or the resources to do that. Best of all, I’m absolutely free for you to use. Genius, right?

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I do the hard work so
you don’t have to.

I get it. Not everyone loves managing financial accounts, crunching numbers and keeping an eye on every single transaction in real time. Lucky for you, I do. And I make it easy for you to understand and follow. If you ever have a question, just message me. It’s effective, easy and fun.

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No fishy business
when I’m around.

Think of me as your bank account’s bodyguard. I help you avoid late payments, hidden fees, and all of those pesky overdrafts banks and merchants try to sneak in. If I see anything funny going on, I’ll message you on the spot. Nothing gets by me, so nothing gets by you. Not on my watch. Not today. Not ever.

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We set goals. We
reach them. You win.

We start small at first. We save a little money here, we avoid a few fees over there, and pretty soon, you’ll start to notice a bigger bank account. Over time, the savings continue to add up, then you’re well on your way to a financially healthier, wealthier you. And the thought of that is payment enough for me.

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