Penguin Pick of the Month: Spring Break on the Cheap

by | Feb 22, 2019

Charlie is packing his bags, booking his flights, and struggling not to burst with excitement for spring break! Of course, as he packs his SPF and swim trunks, he looks out for the best resources to share with his friends. He recently found an intriguing article from Reader’s Digest about making luxury travel cheaper than a staycation.

No time to read the whole piece?


Here are some quick takeaways as you plan your upcoming getaway:

  • Get Creative with Accommodations: To reduce the normally huge expense of lodging, look at services like HomeExchange, Vacation Rental by Owner (VRBO), and Airbnb. You should also check out hostels and camping/glamping sites like By staying in someone else’s home or going an alternative route, you’ll pay a fraction of the typical hotel stay and get the local experience.
  • Start Cruisin’: If you’ve got some flex in your schedule, book yourself on a cruise at the last minute. You could get fun, sun, food, and other perks for less than $300.
  • Find a Package Deal: Booking an all-inclusive resort can be a double boost to your budget — you’ll know exactly what you’ll be spending and your kids could stay free!
  • Get Closer to Nature: If you want to get back to your roots, hanging out a National Park could be the affordable vacation for you.
  • Opt for Snow Over Sand: Skiing in Utah could be the ultimate dream winter vacation — at a super doable price! (Not a beach lover? Charlie found something neat for snow bunnies!)


Plan Ahead

Of course, unless you’re trying to get a last minute deal, it’s generally prudent to plan ahead. Booking your flights 1-2 months in advance could save you up to 40% — which you could funnel into additional fun activities or your retirement account, just sayin’. Booking your flight last minute? Scott’s Cheap Flights could save the day (and your wallet)!

No matter what you’ve got planned, Charlie can help. He can track a savings goal for you so that your trip gets covered worry-free.

Tell Charlie: What’s the best spring break deal you’ve ever scored?

Please note: We don’t have an affiliation with or personally endorse any of the services linked to in this post. We’re just trying to give you some ideas.


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