Penguin Pick of the Month: Slow Your Scroll, Take Control

by | Mar 29, 2019

Charlie recently took a peek at his bank statement and realized that he may have gone a tad overboard with the online shopping. (OK, maybe more than a tad!) Even though he’s our favorite money-saving guru, he is only Penguin. But don’t worry — he quickly found resources to help him and all of his friends stay on track. Charlie learned that you can get over your Amazon Prime Addiction and your Instagram Envy.

No time to read the full story?

Here are some quick wins to keep you and your wallet feelin’ fine:

  • Ditch the Amazon Prime app: If the app isn’t on your phone, you’ll be less likely to mindlessly shop when you have downtime. If you actually need something, you can buy it after taking a bit more time to consider the purchase.
  • Delete your payment information: With no credit card on file, you can’t buy with 1-click. This forces you to enter your card information every time and may make you think twice before placing an order.
  • Shop smart: If you need to buy something from Amazon, remember to look for the best price and use your favorite cashback app like Shopkick, Ebates, or Ibotta.
  • Review your priorities: Before every purchase, ask yourself: is there something else I’d rather do with this money? Taking a second to reflect may prevent shopping for shopping’s sake.
  • Cancel your Amazon Prime account: If being a Prime member is causing you to wreck your budget, don’t be afraid to nix it from your life.
  • Explore your jealousy. When you look at the sparkling perfection (which is totally staged and could be putting folks in debt) that everyone posts on the ‘gram and feel yourself turning green, try to figure out why. Do the people pictured seem more happy and relaxed than you are? What lifestyle adjustments can you make to feel content?
  • Embrace low or no cost self-care: Once you’ve tackled the cause of your envy, make a budget-friendly plan to boost your mood. Maybe it’s time for a staycation, family movie night, or a DIY spa day. You don’t need to keep up with the Joneses to live your best life.
  • Stop scrolling. It might be hard, but sometimes the best thing to do is to take a break from the internet and social media. Avoiding the constant bombardment of stuff will give your wallet and emotions a much-needed break. You may not even miss it!
  • Track your spending. Nip overspending in the bud by keeping a close eye on your cash flow. Charlie can help you track your expenses, putting you in control.

The bottom line?

If you block out the noise and really focus on fulfilling your true needs and wants, your bank account will be happier. And so will you.

Tell Charlie: Have you ever felt addicted to online shopping or social media? How did you address it?

Please note: We don’t have an affiliation with or personally endorse any of the services linked to in this post. We’re just trying to give you some ideas.

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