12 Cheap Paleo Meals on a Budget

by | Oct 31, 2019

If you’re having trouble sticking to your Paleo diet – either because you’re bored or because you’re spending too much money on paleo-friendly snacks – we can help. We’ve rounded up some affordable, healthy meals you’ll actually enjoy eating. Don’t give up until you’ve tried some of these recipes! We’ve even included vegan options for plant-based diets.

Before you get started, put some thought into your next trip to the store. Think about what you want to eat for the week, and be flexible with your ingredients so you can get the best deals.

Shopping for Your Paleolithic Diet

It might seem tempting, but meal delivery kits probably aren’t the answer to your budget problems. Disciplined shopping and healthy meals that won’t leave you hungry give you the control you need over your diet and your spending habits – whether you’re dining for one or cooking healthy meals for the whole family.

Choosing whole foods is another key to a proper Paleo diet. Premade paleo foods are expensive and often disappointing. Instead, find a good deal on unprocessed meats. Buy fresh fruits and vegetables that are in season. They’re more likely to be on sale, and they’ll taste a lot better.

FInding healthy fats and quality oils requires comparison shopping. Wait for olive oil and coconut oil to go on sale and stock up—you’re going to need it. Ghee is a healthy, paleo-friendly substitute for butter, and some stores offer it at a low price.

Many veggies and fruits are an ideal paleo snack, but if you’re worried that won’t be enough, there are other options. Nuts and seeds are also good for munching, can add some crunch to your salads. Pumpkin seeds are generally cheaper and are packed with protein and minerals. If you love jerky, it’s easier to make than you would expect, and it won’t break your diet.

Cheap Paleo Meals

1. Lazy devils

Hard-boiled eggs are an easy way to get breakfast on the fly, but you can spice them up with any number of seasonings for added nutrition and variety.

2. Cabbage Hash Browns

If you’ve been missing your favorite breakfast potatoes, gives these cabbage hash browns a try. Pair them with eggs, sausage, or bacon, and you’ve got a brunch that will help you forget you’re on a diet.

3. Mexican Breakfast Hash

Cheap, simple ingredients made into a fun, flavor-packed brunch that won’t take the whole morning to make.

4. Crispy Plantains with garlic sauce

A paleo-friendly meal that energizes you without leaving you hungry later. Plantains are great for stabilizing your blood sugar and keeping you full longer.

5. Perfectly Roasted Parsnips

Get to know this affordable root vegetable with this upgrade to roasted potatoes. Great for a snack or served as a side, parsnips are much healthier than potatoes. Not only do they have more vitamins per calorie, but they also add plenty of soluble and insoluble fiber to your diet.

6. Twice-baked sweet potatoes

Now that more store brands offer sugar-free bacon, getting your fix is a lot more budget-friendly. This recipe manages to combine decadence and affordability into a nutrient-packed meal.

7. Paleo shepherd’s pie

This recipe subs cauliflower in for the traditional potatoes, so you can enjoy this comforting staple without breaking your diet. You don’t have to waste money on pre-riced cauliflower—this recipe shows you how to do it from a whole head.

8. Spaghetti squash with paleo meat sauce

Load up on vegetables with this protein-packed recipe. Going without spaghetti is a lot easier once you’ve given this a try. Even better, you can save the seeds to roast for a snack later!

9. Paleo avocado toast, in three styles

Enjoy avocado toast without the processed grains. This recipe offers three ways to enjoy this brunch trend. Once you’ve got the basics down, you can easily modify it for whatever you’re craving.

10. Satay-style spiralized vegetable stir fry

If you miss peanuts, this recipe can hit the spot and fill you up with healthy, nutrient-packed vegetables. You don’t need to own a spiralizer – cutting the veggies into matchsticks can get a similar effect. 

11. Paleo Vegan “Meaty’ Taco Skillet

This plant-based fiesta uses walnuts in a starring role. Easily adapt this recipe to use the vegetables you have on hand, and find new creative uses for your walnuts once you fall in love with this dish.

12. Zucchini Noodle Pistachio Pesto Primavera

Another plant-based recipe, this colorful dish is packed with flavor – and thanks to the pistachios, it offers plenty of protein. You can have this meal ready in under half an hour, but it definitely won’t last long on your plate.

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