Charlie’s Freebies

by | Oct 2, 2019

Every week I scan the internet to find you free things.

One of the many reasons why the internet is the best thing ever is that people are just giving stuff away for free here. Crazy! Below is what I found.

Know of any other freebies? Shoot me a message!

Last Updated: January 13th, 2020

Free Omy x L’Occitane Starter Kit @ L’Occitane

  • Penguin Thoughts: You get a sweet pouch, 2 sharpies for coloring it, and a small sample lotion. Fun!
  • How: Go to a L’Occitane store to claim it. No purchase necessary in-store. More information here.
  • When: While it lasts

 Free nuggets or kale salad @ Chic-fil-A

  • Penguin Thoughts: Penguins are birds. So, I feel conflicted about this.
  • How: Download the Chick-fil-A app. Register your profile. Click on the “Rewards” tab, and then “My Rewards”.
  • When: Expires January 31st, 2020

Free mini doughnut @ Krispy Kreme

  • Penguin Thoughts: It is a mini doughnut so I would technically be sticking to my new year’s resolution.
  • How: Find a participating store here. Go there between 4 PM and 7 PM on any Monday in January. Claim your doughnut.
  • When: Any Monday in January, from 4 PM to 7 PM

Free knit hat @ Sprint

  • Penguin Thoughts: I’ll take a free beanie please!
  • How: Visit a Sprint store and show your My Sprint Rewards app. Details on their website.
  • When: While supplies last.

Free taxi Tuesdays @ Mastercard

  • Penguin Thoughts: Tuesdays are a New Yorker’s new favorite day.
  • How: Mastercard will reimburse up to $10 for taxi fair when you scan your Mastercard. New York City only. Check out details on their website.
  • When: Through the end of the year.

Free fragrance samples @ Sampler

  • Penguin Thoughts: Everyone wants to smell good, now you can do it for free!
  • How: Claim your samples on their website.
  • When: Ongoing

Free pizza @ Chuck E. Cheese

  • Penguin Thoughts: Planning a trip to Chuck E. Cheese anytime soon? Probably not, but you can get a free pizza next time you go.
  • How: Register on their website to redeem the offer.
  • When: Ongoing

2 free prints @ Walgreens

  • Penguin Thoughts: I know there’s a lot of these offers, but never turn down free prints.
  • How: Use code FREETWO on their website.
  • When: Ongoing

Free Nest Mini for Google Fi customers

  • Penguin Thoughts: Google Fi is the gift that keeps on giving! If you are a customer, you can get a free Nest Mini today.
  • How: If you have Google Fi (you should consider it; get $20 off if you sign up using my referral link), go to or open the Fi app and you should see a notification like this. Your discount will be applied at checkout.
  • When: Whiles supply last. Promotion ends on December 31st.

Free food @ Wendy’s

  • Penguin Thoughts: Make sure you have the Wendy’s app before scanning the code.
  • How: Use the picture here to scan.
  • When: Reusable

Free sample of Essence Pet Food @ Essence

  • Penguin Thoughts: More pet food samples for your pups or kitties.
  • How: Get your sample here.
  • When: While supplies last

Free Dollywood season pass @ Dollywood Tennessee 

  • Penguin Thoughts: Were you born in 2015 or 2016? Probably not, but you probably know a kid that was.
  • How: Get your season pass here.
  • When: Ends January 5th

Free plant food sample @ FloraLife

  • Penguin Thoughts: If you’re a self declared “plant lady”… or “plant man”, this is the deal for you.
  • How: Sign up for your free sample here.
  • When: While supplies last

Free 4×6 photos @ Snapfish

  • Penguin Thoughts: You can use this one as a holiday gift, shhh don’t tell anyone.
  • How: Use the code NOELFREE at checkout for 10 free photos.
  • When: Ongoing

Free Kindle E-Books @ Amazon

  • Penguin Thoughts: For all you book worms, this one is great.
  • How: Check out the Top 100 Free options here.
  • When: This week

Free 1 year magazine subscription @ Outdoor Life 

  • Penguin Thoughts: If you consider yourself “outdoorsy”, this is definitly the magazine freebie for you.
  • How: Create a free account on this website.
  • When: Ongoing

Free Taco @ Del Taco

  • Penguin Thoughts: Yet another free taco to go around
  • How: Create a free account on this website.
  • When: Ongoing

Free $5 Panera Bread gift card @ Verizon

  • Penguin Thoughts: Finally something for Verizon users! Looks like T-Mobile has it coming for them.
  • How: Through VerizonUp on the Verizon Wireless App! Details on their website.
  • When: Ongoing

Free Google Home Mini @ Spotify

  • Penguin Thoughts: This is definitely the coolest one so far, hands down.
  • How: For Spotify Premium users (both new and old). Find details on their website.
  • When: While supplies last

Free Pins @ Pin Hub

  • Penguin Thoughts: I really hope they have a penguin pin!
  • How: Get 3 free pins when using the code FREEPINS at checkout. Details on their website.
  • When: Ongoing

Free Trees @ City Plants

  • Penguin Thoughts: I’m all about some free landcaping.
  • How: 7 free trees for Los Angeles residents only. Check out their website to see if you qualify.
  • When: Ongoing

Free Pizza @ Pizza Hut after every Chargers Interception

  • Penguin Thoughts: If you’re in SoCal and a big Chargers fan, this may be the one for you.
  • How: Register on their website
  • When: Valid for two days following a Chargers interception

Free Credits @ Subway 

  • Penguin Thoughts: Free money at Subway, don’t mind if I do.
  • How: 3 free $2 credits at Subway when you dowload the Subway app as a new user.
  • When: Ongoing

Free Goodie Box @ Daily Goodie Box

  • Penguin Thoughts: Nothing I love more than these boxes of free stuff.
  • How: Free goodie box when you sign up on their website. Make sure to review the items on their website after you’ve tried them out!
  • When: Always

Free Magazine Subscriptions @ Reward Bee

  • Penguin Thoughts: For my daily dose of celebrity drama.
  • How: Take the survey on their website, and automotically get credited $30 to get 3 free subscriptions
  • When: Always

Free Redbox disc rental, White Castle Sliders, and Taco Bell item @ T-Mobile

  • Peguin Thoughts: I don’t often wish I was a T-Mobile customer, but today I definitely do.
  • How: Log into your account, take advantage of the offers
  • When: Varies per coupon

Free Sample Box @ Pinch Me

  • Penguin Thoughts: I get to try all of these things for free!?
  • How: Sign up on Pinch Me’s website
  • When: Always

Free $3 Gift Card @ Panera 

  • Penguin Thoughts: Basically a free cup of coffee or a pastry with this one, count me in!
  • How: If Sprint is your provider then you’re in luck. Just download the My Sprint Rewards app where you will find this freebie!
  • When: While supplies last

Free Perfect Bar @ Walmart & Publix

Free Sweet Earth Bowls & Burritos @ Walmart

Free Cooking Yeast Sample @ Red Star

  • Penguin Thoughts:  This penguin will be baking bread!
  • How: Fill out the form here
  • When: While it lasts

Free 8×10 Photo @ Walgreens

  • Penguin Thoughts: Maybe I will put a green photo on my wall. Get it? I crack myself up.
  • How: Pick an 8×10 and use code  FREE8X10 at checkout
  • When: Ongoing

$5 Coupon for Getting Your No Cost Flu Shot @ CVS

  • Penguin Thoughts: If you have insurance or Medicare Part B, you will pay nothing, but get $5. I hear Publix actually offers $10. 
  • How: Find participating locations here
  • When: Offer ends December 31st

Free Small Cheese Pizza @ Papa Gino’s

  • Penguin Thoughts: Did somebody say FREE Pizza!?
  • How: Sign up for Papa Gino’s Rewards here
  • When: Limited time only

Free Personalized Whiskey Label @ Woodford Reserve

  • Penguin Thoughts: Now you can literally have a “bottle with your name on it”
  • How: Fill out this form here
  • When: While it lasts

Free 7oz Dog Food Roll @ PetSmart

  • Penguin Thoughts: I wonder if penguins can eat dog food. Asking for a friend.
  • How: Get a coupon by signing up here
  • When: While it lasts

Free 2020 San Francisco Themed Calendar 

  • Penguin Thoughts: Few things come free in San Francisco
  • How: Fill out a form here, and pick it up at one of the San Francisco locations
  • When: Until December and while supplies last

Free 1 Month of Video Games @ EA

  • Penguin Thoughts: EA is kind of the worst, but free games is free games.
  • How: Turn on EA Login Verification here
  • When: Ongoing

Free Bagel @ Einstein Bros Bagels

  • Penguin Thoughts: I love that their rewards program is called “Schmear Society”
  • How: Join their free rewards program 
  • When: Maybe indefinitely 

(LA only) Free Water Bottle @ Water for LA

  • Penguin Thoughts: Only for people in LA county.
  • How: Fill out the form.
  • When: Until they run out. 

Free Measuring Tape @ Vested Interests

  • Penguin Thoughts: Even though I look like someone who should own tens of vests, I do not actually have a single one.
  • How: Fill out their form.
  • When: Until they run out. 

Free White Cane for the Blind @ National Federation for the Blind

  • Penguin Thoughts: Please if you do not need it, do not get it; someone else needs it. 
  • How: Fill out their online application.
  • When: Until they run out. 

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