Charlie’s Freebies

by | Oct 2, 2019

Every week I scan the internet to find you free things.

One of the many reasons why the internet is the best thing ever is that people are just giving stuff away for free here. Crazy! Below is what I found.

Know of any other freebies? Shoot me a message!

Last Updated: June 11, 2020

Rent “Ali” Mohammed Ali’s Biography free @Microsoft Store

  • Penguin Thoughts: One of the greatest of all time!
  • How: Sign in with your Microsoft account and visit this link to rent the movie free.
  • When: Limited Time Only

Free Sample Coffee @Villa Borghesi 

  • Penguin Thoughts: Free and great quality coffee in the morning!
  • How: Visit this link and fill up their form to claim your free sample.
  • When: Ongoing, while supplies last.

Free Courses with Credits @Sophia Learning

  • Penguin Thoughts: So much knowledge and it’s free!
  • How: Visit this link to pick and choose which free course you like.
  • When: Ongoing

Free Masks @MaskHelpers

  • Penguin Thoughts: Stay safe for both you and your fellow humans!
  • How: Visit their website and choose the “ I need a mask” option. If you have the ability to, considering donating supplies to help this noble cause.
  • When: Ongoing

Free Sunscreen Sample @LaRoche-Posay

  • Penguin Thoughts: Protect your skin from the dangerous rays of the sun – for free!
  • How: Fill out this form to claim your free sample.
  • When: Ongoing, while supplies last

Free Medium Fries @McDonald’s App

  • Penguin Thoughts: Free and tasty, can’t get any better than that!
  • How: Check your McDonald’s App to claim the coupon for a free medium-sized fries.
  • When: Offers expires on 06/28/2020, and is valid for 1 use.

Free Premium Access @MyFitnessPal

  • Penguin Thoughts: A healthy body equals a healthy mind!
  • How: Claim by registering an account on their website and using the code MFPHEALTHY2020. Make sure to activate the code on their website and not the mobile app.  
  • When: Ongoing

Free Online 7th Grade Science Curriculum @EonsLearning

  • Penguin Thoughts: Never pass up on free online education, especially in these times of need.
  • How: Visit their website and register to access the subjects.
  • When: Ongoing

7 Free Any Size Coffee and Fountain Drinks @7-Eleven

  • Penguin Thoughts: Tasty drinks and eye-opening coffee for a mere zero dollars!
  • How: The offer will appear for 7Rewards members’ apps as they re-emerge from quarantine. Customers who are in states, cities, and counties with shelter-in-place or clerk-serve beverage mandates will have access to the offer as soon as the restrictions are lifted.
  • When: Ongoing

Collection of free tools and informative eBooks @AppSumo

  • Penguin Thoughts: Plenty of tools and information to enhance our skills! All for free!
  • How: Sign up for an account on their website if you do not have one yet and visit this link for the collection of freebies. Simply pick and choose the ones you want and you’re good to go.
  • When: Ongoing.

Free “Chinese for Beginners” Course and Certificate @Coursera

  • Penguin Thoughts: Learning a new language is always a fun time!
  • How: Register an account on the Coursera website and enroll for the free course using this link
  • When: Offer valid until 7/31/2020, while supplies last.

Free Skincare Samples @Elphia Beauty

  • Penguin Thoughts: My penguin neighbors will envy my amazing skin with these skincare products!
  • How: Fill out this form on their website and they will contact you as soon as possible via email.
  • When: Ongoing

90 Free online courses @Harvard University

  • Penguin Thoughts: All this free and amazing knowledge, we only need to grasp it!
  • How: Visit this link then you can pick and choose what online courses you want to take by clicking “take the course” and following the instructions afterward. 
  • When: Ongoing

Free 2 months subscription and instant access to 9 games @Stadia Pro 

  • Penguin Thoughts: Games are one of the best ways to relax during quarantine, take your mind off the troubles of outside.
  • How: Sign up at their website, after this download the Stadia app on Android or iOS. Now you can play on your PC desktop, laptop, or Chrome OS Tablet with a USB supported controller or mouse and keyboard. You can also play over WIFI connection on Pixel or other Android supported phones.
  • When: Available only for new members and while supplies last.

Free Official Nintendo Games Wallpapers

  • Penguin Thoughts: Are you a huge fan of Nintendo games? If yes, official Nintendo games high-quality wallpapers are now available for free forever.
  • How: Visit this link at Nintendo’s website and download various high-quality wallpapers of different Nintendo games to your heart’s content.
  • When: Ongoing

Free eBook “Procrastination Killer – End Laziness And Procrastination For Good”

  • Penguin Thoughts: Learn the practical tips and tricks to fight against our tendencies to procrastinate with this free eBook.
  • How: Visit their website and click the download now button. Provide your email address and a copy of the book will be sent to your inbox. No purchases or anything required.
  • When: Ongoing

Free 3 months of Calm Premium

  • Penguin Thoughts: I sometimes have trouble sleeping down here in Antarctica, so I might try this stuff out.
  • How: Visit this link and click the big green button to get started. This offer is available for both new and existing accounts. No payments or credit cards required. If you need help signing up or have trouble doing so visit their FAQ
  • When: Available while supplies last.

Free Subscriptions for Educators @Headspace

  • Penguin Thoughts: When life gets tough, take a pause and meditate.
  • How: Headspace is offering free access to educators, i.e. teachers, school administrators, and supporting staff. You will first need to select your school location under the heading “Headspace for Educators”. Then you will need to login and verify your information to get your free access. Start the process to get your free subscription from here.
  • When: Ongoing

Free Sample of Nikwax Cotton Proof @Nikwax

  • Penguin Thoughts: Cool!!! Let’s try this out.
  • How: Provide correct answers to 5 easy questions and receive your free 50ml sachet sample of Cotton Proof. Win your sample from here. Make sure to select the correct option that applies to you under the heading of Play the WebQuiz.
  • When: Ongoing

Free Samples and $1 Coupon of Natural Sweeteners @Truvia

  • Penguin Thoughts: I know I am sweet, but you can’t mix me in your tea. Instead, let’s use this. 😉
  • How: Request your free sample and $1-off coupon from here.
  • When:  While supplies last

Free stuff, resources, and tips during this outbreak @CharlieFinance

  • Penguin Thoughts: A solo penguin is powerful, but a whole community coming together? Unflappable. That’s why I created In This Together: A giant, all-in-one resource page of all your tips, searchable according to your needs.
  • How: Visit the page here. You can scroll down to submit more tips — this is a living, growing project, made by and for us.
  • When: Ongoing

Free 1-Year Food Network Kitchen Subscription for Fire TV and Fire Tablet Customers  @Amazon

  • Penguin Thoughts:  I am not a professional cook but I am learning by seeing.
  • How: Install and open the Food Network Kitchen app on your Fire TV or Fire tablet. Choose a renewal option and click on the “Activate Now” button. Log in with your Amazon account for a complimentary subscription of Food Network Kitchen. This complimentary subscription will automatically convert to a paid subscription unless canceled before your trial period expires. Hence, if you no longer want to enjoy the content by Food Network Kitchen, make sure to cancel on time. Read more details.
  • When: Till April 26, 2021

Free Online Crafting Classes @Michaels

  • Penguin Thoughts: Creativity is limitless, you just need to broaden your horizons.
  • How: Book an online class from here. Seats may be limited in some cases, so make sure to join asap.
  • When: Limited time and availability

Free Password Manager @Canva

  • Penguin Thoughts: Cool!!! I will no longer need to remember all my passwords.
  • How: Get your 1-year free trial from here.
  • When: Ongoing

Free Recipe Booklet Offer @Sun-Maid

  • Penguin Thoughts: It’s fulfilling to cook your food once in a while.
  • How: Order your booklet from here.
  • When: Ongoing

 Free Identity Protection Service @Allstate

  • Penguin Thoughts: I will use it because my identity is priceless.
  • How: Allstate is offering a free Identity Protection service for the rest of the year. You must sign up before the deadline. Sign up here.
  • When: May 31, 2020

Free OHi Superfood Bar @OHi Food Co

  • Penguin Thoughts: Feeling low on energy? Let’s try a healthy snack.
  • How: Get your free coupon from here and then redeem your coupon in-store. Locate a nearby store.
  • When: Ongoing

 Free Live TV Streaming @ Sling

  • Penguin Thoughts: Be responsible. Stay home and stay safe.
  • How: Enjoy free live TV streaming from 5 PM to midnight. Sign up here.
  • When: Ongoing

Enfagrow Premium Toddler Nutritional Drink Sample @ Enfamil

  • Penguin Thoughts: Ensure healthy growth for your child. 🙂
  • How: Request your free sample here.
  • When: Ongoing

Free Organic Gardening Kits for Students @ Back To The Roots

  • Penguin Thoughts: Staying home can be fun and rewarding. 😀
  • How: In this challenging time, Back To The Roots is offering teachers and parents free bundles of their organic gardening kits to grow with your at-home students. You need to fill out this questionnaire and share your story. From all of these entries, Back to the Roots will select the most deserving, capacity-constrained, and in-need educators. Kits will be given to teachers/parents.
  • When: Limited

2-Months Free Adobe Photoshop @Adobe

  • Penguin Thoughts: This tip comes from one of my amazing users. Thanks for sharing it!
  • How: If you are a current subscriber, follow the “cancel subscription” procedure and they will offer you this freebie to say. Worth trying!
  • When: Ongoing

 Free Language Subscriptions for 3 Months @Rosetta Stone

  • Penguin Thoughts: Learn a language to understand and to be understood.
  • How: Rosetta Stonem is offering, 3-month free subscription for K-12 students who either attend a school that is closed in response to COVID-19 or are homeschooled. The parents and guardians of students can sign up here.
  • When: Ongoing

 Free 2020 Gardener’s Idea Book @Proven Winners

  •  Penguin Thoughts: It shall come in handy when I plan my garden decorations.
  • How: Fill the form and get your free copy from here.
  • When: Limited

 Free Subscription to LEGO Life Magazine @LEGO

  • Penguin Thoughts: Unleash your creativity. Inspire and get inspired.
  • How: Sign up to get your magazine.
  • When: Limited

Free College Level Courses @Modern States

  • Penguin Thoughts: I hope everyone stays safe and learn something new while staying home.
  • How: You can access high-quality online courses for free. Just sign up here.
  • When: Ongoing

30 Days Free Self-Storage For Students @U-Haul

  • Penguin Thoughts: I am sure this will help a lot of students out there.
  • How: U-Haul is offering new customers free self-storage for 30 days. Offer is only for the current students with valid college IDs. Find the nearest store here and then contact the selected store by phone or visit in person to take advantage of this limited-time offer.
  • When: Limited availability

Free Spectrum Broadband and Wi-Fi Access @Charter Communications

  •  Penguin Thoughts: Not all great things are free but this one is!!!
  • How: Charter Communications is offering free Spectrum broadband and Wi-Fi access for 60 days to households with students. This offer applies to new customers or existing customers with a subscription at any service level up to 100 Mbps. To enroll call 1-844-488-8395. Get more details here.
  • When: Ongoing

Free Ring Sizer @Brilliant earth

  •  Penguin Thoughts: Can I use this to surprise my loved ones? Hmm… What do you think?
  • How: Fill out this form to get your gift. If the form is not visible make sure to click the button “Request your ring sizer”.
  • When: Always

Free Double ’n Cheese ’n Fries @ Steak ‘n Shake

  • Penguin Thoughts: Free food and me, a match made in heaven! ?
  • How: Join their e-club and receive a gift for becoming a new member. To join fill this form.
  • When: Ongoing

Free Book, Recipes From Around the World @Pel-Freez

  • Penguin Thoughts: Let’s do some cooking!!!
  • How: Request your free recipe book here.
  • When: Ongoing

 Free 1-year Subscription for GQ Magazine @Mercury Magazines

  •  Penguin Thoughts: Who wants to look trendy? Well, I guess everyone. B)
  • How: Claim your free magazine here.
  • When: Limited

 Free Card Fridays @Hallmark

  • Penguin Thoughts: I want to send some of these cards to my buddies in Antarctica.
  • How: Visit your Hallmark Gold Crown store on a Friday and get one free card from their Just Because of card collection. Only members can enjoy this offer. Fill this form to become a member.
  • When: Every Friday till 26th June 2020 or until the supplies last.

2 Free Del Tacos @Del Taco

  • Penguin Thoughts: Who can say no to free Tacos? Not me 😉
  • How: Get free tacos by joining their e-club here. Offer is valid only for new eClub members.
  • When: Ongoing

Free 1-year Subscription for Outside Magazine @Mercury Magazines

  • Penguin Thoughts: I always think time spent exploring nature is never wasted.
  • How: Claim your free magazine here.
  • When: Limited time

Pre-K Imagination Season Pass @Dollywood

  • Penguin Thoughts: Hey kids!! It’s time to PARTY!!!
  • How: First register your child here and then follow their simple instructions to get a free pass for your kid. Only children born in 2015 and 2016 are eligible for this offer.
  • When: Ongoing

Free Pet Safety Pack @ASPCA

  • Penguin Thoughts: You’ll find a pet rescue window decal to help alert rescue personnel that pets are inside your home in the event of an emergency. Useful!
  • How: Order by filling the form here
  • When: Ongoing

Free Sandwich Meal @Zaxby

  • Penguin Thoughts: A free sandwich meal? Count me in!
  • How: Receive a FREE Sandwich Meal just for joining the club here.
  • When: Ongoing

Free Trees @City Plants

  • Penguin Thoughts: I’m all about some free landscaping.
  • How: 7 free trees for Los Angeles residents only. Check out their website to see if you qualify.
  • When: Ongoing

Free Magazine Subscriptions @Reward Bee

  • Penguin Thoughts: For my daily dose of celebrity drama.
  • How: Take the survey on their website, and automatically get credited $30 to get 3 free subscriptions
  • When: Always

Free Redbox disc rental, White Castle Sliders, and Taco Bell item @T-Mobile

  • Penguin Thoughts: I don’t often wish I was a T-Mobile customer, but today I definitely do.
  • How: Log into your account, take advantage of the offers
  • When: Varies per coupon

Free Sample Box @Pinch Me

  • Penguin Thoughts: I get to try all of these things for free!?
  • How: Sign up on Pinch Me’s website
  • When: Always

Free Small Cheese Pizza @Papa Gino’s

  • Penguin Thoughts: Did somebody say FREE Pizza!?
  • How: Sign up for Papa Gino’s Rewards here
  • When: Limited time only

Free Personalized Whiskey Label @Woodford Reserve

  • Penguin Thoughts: Now you can literally have a “bottle with your name on it”
  • How: Fill out this form here
  • When: While it lasts

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