Meet a Charlie BFF: Callie, Money App Aficionado

by | Dec 14, 2018

Though everyone’s story is different, we can all agree that managing money is hard. That’s why we have Charlie to help us make good financial decisions. But– he doesn’t act alone. Charlie counts on all of us to come together to support, inspire and empower one another to achieve our goals.  This series showcases members of our community to foster a sense of solidarity and strength around finagling our finances. Today, we’re kicking things off by meeting Callie (money app enthusiast), who is booting debt to the curb so that she and her husband can focus on what truly matters, all with the help of our favorite penguin!

Thank you, Callie, for taking the time to answer our questions!

(Callie’s answers have been edited slightly for clarity.)


1. Tell us about yourself

My name is Callie. I’m a Florida resident and live with my husband and our Jack Russell. We have been working to better our financial lives by following Dave Ramsey’s steps to debt freedom and utilizing various budgeting tools, like the Charlie app.


2. What are your three biggest goals for the next 12 months?  Does money have any impact on you achieving them? If so, please explain.

My 3 biggest goals for the next year would have to be paying off my student loans, getting started on saving up for a new car for my husband, and doing something fun for ourselves with our “fun money budget” — whether that’s a mini vacation or just taking more time for each other and going on more date nights. We are actively working towards increasing our total household income, so we can hopefully pay down our debt faster and get to the things in life that truly matter to us.

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3. In general, how does thinking about money make you feel?

I used to be highly anxious and incredibly stressed out. Since we froze and stopped using our credit cards (we had a problem with overspending!) and have made the switch back to debit/cash, I’m finding it’s easier to manage our finances these days because we can only afford to spend what we have.

I also find since reading Dave Ramsey’s book and having my husband on the same page, we are able to be more communicative about money and actively work together to better our financial situation and overall well-being.


4. What stresses you out the most about money? If you could snap your fingers and fix one money problem, what would it be?  Why?

I think the one thing that stresses me [out] the most about money is how fast it’s spent, and how volatile our lives are without an income.

If I could snap my fingers and fix one money problem in my life, it would be to have my student loans and my husband’s student loans completely paid off and done.


5. What money management strategies have you tried?  Which ones were helpful and which ones not so much?

I’ve tried Mint, Debitize, and Charlie. Mint was helpful for a time, but I often forgot to log in to use it and update my accounts. Debitize was not helpful at all, and Charlie so far has been the most helpful [money app].


6. How did you find out about Charlie?  What do you like best about him and how has he helped you?

I found out about Charlie through a Facebook ad. I liked how the interface was easy to use. The cute little Charlie penguin gives you updates daily on your budgeting and your goals. He has helped me spend less and save more on the things that matter to me most — such as forgoing buying that next thing on Amazon and instead putting aside some money for my husband and me to take a small trip next summer.


7. Based on your experience, what is the #1 piece of money management advice you’d give to other Charlie Friends?

Try a new approach and when it comes to Charlie, keep an open mind! I never once thought I would one day look to financial advice from a penguin, but these days, that’s exactly what I’m doing. Charlie is not a replacement tool for sitting down, creating a budget, and having important conversations about finances with your partner or significant other if you have one. He is meant to be used as an aide, a guide to help get you on the right track to managing your finances.

Great advice, Callie!  It’s true — Charlie is proof that a money app can be a friendly, guiding voice, helping you to make better-informed financial decisions.

Thank you again, Callie, for participating in our Charlie Friends series!  We’re confident that those student loans will be toast in 2019– and you’ll have lots of fun with your husband along the way!

Charlie Friends: Tell us, can you relate to Callie’s story?  What money tips would you share with her?


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