Break the Taboo: 5 Ways to Get Comfy with Money

by | Jan 31, 2019

We all need it. We all want it. And yet, we totally struggle to talk about it: money. While millennials do a bit better job than their predecessors breaking the money taboo, they’re still inclined to chat more about politics and mental health than their debt or 401k balance. In fact, according to a recent study, more than 30 percent of Americans (roughly 40 percent of women) consider financial topics completely off limits when hanging out with friends.

Talking about money and debt is the first step towards learning better money habits and improving your financial health. While talking about money will never be 100 percent easy, we can offer five ways to make you more comfortable and confident with the process:


Start With People You Trust

Opening up about money will be way easier if you start with someone who will empathize with you instead of shame you. Ditch the drama and avoid Judgey Karen, so that you can have productive conversations that you can build on.


Separate Your Money From Your Worth

Remember that your wealth (or lack of it) doesn’t define you. You have value as a human being that isn’t tied to your bank account or your total debt. Your character is your greatest asset — don’t let anyone convince you otherwise.


Level Up Your Money Know-How

The more you know about personal finance, the more confident you’ll feel discussing tricky money topics. To increase your swagger, find and fill any gaps in your money encyclopedia. Then, you can inform and impress!


Nix Limiting Beliefs

You may have deep-seated feelings about money based on your upbringing and life events. Maybe you think money is evil. Or maybe you worry that you’ll never have enough. If you’ve got money stuff to resolve, do the inner work, feel the self-imposed taboos melt away, and let the financial conversations flow.


Start Doing It

Talking about tricky topics is hard for anyone, especially the first time. Put on your game face and do it! Once you have a few conversations under your belt, you’ll know that you can handle them and the nerves will ease up.


Final Thoughts

While talking about money can be a daunting prospect, there are many ways to soften the impact it has on your nerves. Remember, Charlie can help! He tracks your money and provides useful insight into your finances. By being in the know about your money, you’ll have way more confidence in your money decisions — and your ability to talk about them.

Tell Charlie: What tips can you share that have made your money chats go more smoothly? Have you broken the money taboo?

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