6 Beach House Decor Ideas on a Budget

by | Jan 31, 2020

Whether you’re sprucing up an actual beach house or you want to bring those relaxing sun-and-surf vibes to your landlocked home, there are plenty of affordable ways to make it happen. 

But first, it’s crucial to make a firm budget. The more committed you are to space, the more you should invest in it. But here’s the thing: decorating with purpose takes time. And that’s actually good news – it means you can break up the project into a series of more affordable steps, budget incrementally, and see the benefits of each improvement as you go.

Make sense? Good. Let’s get to our top 6 affordable beach house budgeting ideas:

1. Use a beach-themed color scheme for painting your walls

Deciding the color of your wall is a great entry point for starting your interior design project. Subdued beach colors will blend well with found objects you can use for decoration. Of course, you can still make the beach theme work with more vibrant color choices, but the calming effect of a light, sandy brown or sky blue will give your living space a vacation aura year-round.

You can check here for some jumping-off points on color schemes that will make you smile. For the best deals on paint, check reused materials stores or a paint recycling center. Hosting a paint party is a good way to get the job done for a lot less money and time, and makes the job a lot more fun. 

2. Create or customize floor decor

While area rugs can be expensive, there are several ways you can bring the room together with your own customized mat or floor cloth. Use white paint and a stencil to make a cheap, plain rug much classier. Try using a subtle sea green or ocean blue color to fit your theme. You can also redecorate a thrift store rug with paint, or start from scratch with a floor cloth.

Or If you prefer to keep things simple, choose a natural fiber like jute or sisal to decorate your floors. The rustic look and color will go with almost any beach house theme.

3. Save money with thrift store furniture 

With the right tweaks, you can transform thrift store furniture into the coastal decor. Throw pillows can be reupholstered in a matter of minutes with any fabric you can find that fits your beach theme. There are usually plenty of used sofas up for grabs. Use your upgraded pillows on a neutral-colored sofa and your house is already on its way to that seaside theme you’re going for. 

The dining area can be as simple or complex as you like. For more of a beach cottage feel, you can use outdoor chairs inside. These easy nautical themed coasters are a simple way to carry your theme over even with a simple dining table. A light grained wood is less likely to clash with your decor.

4. Comb the beach for decor

Hunting for seashells and sand dollars on the beach is a fun way to pass the time, and you can bring your finds home to use for your decorating your house. Paint your sand dollars with watercolors and display them in baskets, frames, or put magnets on them for the fridge. This is a great way to use accent colors throughout your home. 

These DIY tableaus are another delightful way to display the treasures you’ve collected, and they cost next to nothing to make. Display them on shelves or the mantle, and use them in the bathroom or bedroom to carry the theme through the house. Let your imagination run wild and you can use these treasures to craft beautiful artwork

5. Craft with sea glass

Using sea glass for decoration is an eye-grabbing way to create a beachy vibe, and there are plenty of DIY ways to get the job done. A sea glass coffee table makes a nice centerpiece for your living room. If you’d prefer a more traditional coffee table, you can use a similar approach to serving trays.

You can also make your own sea glass at home in a couple of ways. Try it out with a rock tumbler if you have one, or you can rent or borrow a cement mixer. You can use just about any glass bottle for this, but thicker, colored glass makes for a better-finished product. Once you can easily make your own, a little inspiration can lead to all sorts of possibilities.  

6. Repurpose driftwood 

Wander the shores of just about any beach and you can find driftwood of all sizes. And thanks to driftwood’s distinct, rustic look, you can easily it into the design of your home. The rough textures pair well with the smooth look of sea glass, and the neutral tone fits into almost any color scheme. Just be sure you’re allowed to take it with you before you start collecting! Some areas (e.g. state forests and parks) may have rules around what you can take.

One simple way to use your driftwood finds is to craft it into a unique wall piece. Or use it to make a candle holder, and you can pair it with a scent that evokes the seaside. Your sense of smell has a remarkable ability to transport you through time and memory, so don’t hesitate to use it for your theme. For more inspiration, check here.

The bottom line

If you take your time and enjoy yourself, decorating can be a fun way to bring a true beachside allure to your space. And of course, the more you like the look and feel you’re creating, the more fun you’ll have with the design process. So go at your own pace, only spend what you’re comfortable with, and let your creative beach-bum spirit take over.

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