10 Wedding Centerpieces That Work on a Budget

by | Oct 3, 2019

10 Wedding Centerpieces That Work on a Budget


Centerpieces should never be an afterthought at your wedding. After all, they’re some of the most important, eye-catching pieces of wedding decor. So, if you want to design a picture-perfect wedding ceremony, you’ve got to nail your centerpieces in a way that combines your personality, design tastes, and the theme of the day. 

Luckily for you, you don’t have to splurge on luxury centerpieces to make them stand out. Whether you’re after a modern look, a minimalist theme, or an elegant, classic appearance, there are budget-friendly centerpiece options for you to choose. In this guide, we’ll go over some of our favorite cheap wedding centerpieces to help set the mood on your big day.


Cheap Wedding Centerpieces


1. Upside Down Wine Glasses

It doesn’t seem like much, but simply placing a wine glass upside down on the table with roses, marbles, or silk flowers underneath can make the dining room “pop” in a unique way. On top of the wine glass, you can place a potted candle to add some extra ambiance to the room. If you buy in bulk, traditional wine glasses only cost a few bucks each.


2. Fancy Paint Buckets

If you want a more rustic look for your wedding decor, consider using old paintbrush buckets to decorate the tables. Give the buckets themselves a fresh coat of paint (we recommend a white or cream-like tone). Then stuff them with decorations such as fresh flowers, marbles, beads, confetti, or something fun that suits the wedding theme.

For added flair, we recommend taking it a step further and stenciling giant block letters onto your paint buckets. You can grab letter stencils at a craft store for pennies. Then, write one letter on the front of each bucket to spell a message for your guests like L-O-V-E.


3. Funky Sand Bottles

Filling a vase or thin bottle with multicolored sand can create incredible, almost awe-inspiring patterns. If you’re going for an “alternative” look for your wedding ideas, consider spicing things up by filling flower vases with layers of colorful sand. 

Best of all, you don’t need to splurge on fancy flower vases, either. Instead, you can use milk jugs, wine bottles, or just about any transparent container. Through the sand, feel free to take the centerpiece to the next level by inserting a flower, decorative straw, or miniature flag. 

Although this decor piece looks a bit DIY, it’s a low-cost way to add personality to your wedding reception. A dozen vases and some craft sand can cost under $75 at your local craft store. In other words, these decorative vases are some of the best inexpensive wedding centerpieces.


4. Bouncy Ball Containers

Nothing evokes a childlike sense of play and wonder like a pile of toys. Luckily, you can bring out the kid in your wedding guests by installing bouncy ball-themed centerpieces. All you have to do is fill a vase or other see-through container with colorful, patterned bouncy balls. Heads up – the little ones will probably use them for play!


5. Favorite Fruit Table Runner

Although this option is on the pricier side (depending on the season), you can add a wholesome touch to your wedding by creating a fruit-based table runner. For example, you can create a stimulating, refreshing atmosphere at your wedding by laying hundreds of neatly rowed oranges along the center of your dining tables.

Inside some of the oranges (or any delicious variety of fruit for that matter), you can stick floral arrangements, pillar candles, ribbon decorations, or notes for your guests. This idea takes more dedication than some other table decorations, but it sets the perfect mood for wedding centerpieces fall season. 


6. Paper Pinwheel Cups

At your local arts and crafts store, you can pick up dozens of premade pinwheels decorations for only a few dollars. From there, you can stick the pinwheels inside old dining glasses or small transparent bottles or containers to create a classic summer wedding centerpiece. 

For some extra “oomph,” try painting the outside of the bottles in a funky watercolor paint to create patterns related to your wedding theme. Set the pinwheel-filled cups on top of vintage tea tins if you want to imitate a rustic wedding ceremony.


7. Elegant Tumbler Lanterns

For this centerpiece idea, you need a tumbler or votive, some sand, an artificial flower and miniature candles. Newlyweds looking for a more serious, sophisticated look can merely place miniature LED candles inside glass tumblers filled half-way with sand. This arrangement creates a “floating candles” illusion that tends to give rise to a classical look.

On the other hand, you can mix it up by choosing to put small faux flowers inside the sandy cups. Then, you can arrange the LED candles around the flowery tumblers if you want to create the appearance of ornate reception tables.


8. Goofy Chalkboard Sign 

Sometimes it’s best to lean on your sense of humor to bring some personality and liveliness to a wedding. One way you can easily inject a bit of comedy into your wedding is to fill a fishbowl with LEGO pieces, regular brown sand, or gumballs. Then, write a joke or message on a small chalkboard sign (often sold at craft stores) and stick them inside. Make your lines adorable, silly or heartfelt – it’s up to you.


9. Painted Decorative Logs

If you’re looking for a rustic vibe at your wedding, look no further than the great outdoors. All you need is a pile of chopped wood with their ends painted eye-catching patterns to make any wedding look like an outdoor paradise. Stack the logs in a pyramid shape in the center of the rectangular tables (like you would with firewood) for great winter wedding centerpieces ideas. 


10. Simple Floral Bottles

There’s no need to drop hundreds of dollars on fancy vases you’ll never use again, or over-the-top bouquets of fresh flowers, floral lanterns, or calla lilies. Instead, hit up your local flea market for used high-ball glasses or wine bottles and fill them with whatever pretty greenery you can find. 

At your local community garden, you may be able to find someone willing to part with some rose petals for you to display in the bottles. Cheap wedding centerpieces with flowers tend to be tall centerpieces that demand a lot of attention – but hey, at least they’re easier to clean up than confetti or wedding cake.


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