How to Celebrate the Fourth of July on a Budget

by | Jul 1, 2019

Independence Day is coming up fast, which means it’s time for backyard BBQs, poolside popsicles, and sizzling sparklers! To make sure your savings don’t go up in smoke like the fireworks on the 4th, Charlie has some great ways to keep your dollars from declaring independence from your pockets while celebrating.


How to Host

  • Lucky You, It’s a Potluck: You can still be the hostess with the mostess with a potluck. Take the pressure off when the party’s on and ask each guest to bring their favorite side dish, drink, or dessert. If you want to be the master of all things BBQ, bulk buy your food at wholesale stores like Costco or Sam’s Club to get more bang for your buck.
  • Pop of Patriotism: Your decorations don’t have to plaster every surface. A jar full of dollar tree flags, a DIY red white and blue bunting, and some food dye in your cupcakes is all you need. If you want a 2-for-1 of design and fun, set up a decoration station for your guests so they can enjoy some arts and crafts and you’ve got a free events team. Win-win!
  • Crowdsource Your Games: Everyone loves a good game of cornhole or lawn bowling, which means someone has to have a set. Ask your friends a week before the party if they have any games they can bring to the yard.


Paint the Town Red (White and Blue)

If you and your friends aren’t keen on throwing a big party, not to fret — the whole town is usually a celebration on the 4th. From morning to night, there’s always something to do to assert your independence!

  • Patriotic Pancake: Often times, the local Fire Station or City Hall will throw a festive pancake breakfast for a very reasonable price. Get your fill from the griddle and take some photos hanging off the firetruck for the most patriotic Instagram post of the day. Bonus: there might be a Dalmatian around.
  • Main Street Shenanigans: Free candy thrown into crowds? Children in adorable outfits? Pinwheels blowing in the wind? Clowns? Almost all of these things are great, and you’ll be sure to find them at your local parade! Cheering on your neighbors and local merchants as they strut their stuff is a fantastic way to bond with the community, at no cost. Just be sure to bring a hat and sunscreen!
  • Life’s a Beach: Speaking of sunscreen, slather some on and head to the closest pool, lake, stream or ocean. There’s no better way to celebrate than getting too hot, running into the water, getting too cold, and baking in the sun — rinse and repeat. Remember to bring plenty of water and towels, and consider staking your claim early to get the best spot.
  • Poof Poof Poof: As the day winds down, you know what time it is. Firework! If you’re in your hometown for the 4th of July, there’s a pretty good chance you know all the special spots to view these explosions in the sky. If you’re out of town, ask the locals about secret spots to view the fireworks without big crowds or traffic.

No matter what you do on the 4th of July, and how much you spend, doing it with friends and family is the way to get the most value out of the day. So rifle through your closets for patriotic colors and get ready to celebrate!

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