7 Ways To Make Bank During Winter Break

by | Dec 20, 2018

Ahhh winter break: a few weeks to celebrate the holidays, rest your brain, and make some cash. With your new-found spare time, you can earn money to pay off your holiday splurges, chip away at your next tuition bill, fund an epic spring break trip, or whatever else your heart desires.  But fear not — this doesn’t have to be an unpleasant experience. There are fun profit-generating options for everyone.  Just see for yourself!

For the Bookworm: Channel your inner geek by tutoring, working a short internship or selling your unneeded textbooks. To unload your textbooks, check out places like BookFinder or BookScouter to help you find where to get the most cheddar.

For the Homebody: Clean houses, run errands, house sit, or shovel snow.  You may even find someone willing to pay you to take down holiday decor. You can find house sitting and house cleaning jobs at Care.com, Housesitter, and TaskRabbit.

For the Kid at Heart: Get paid to play with toys and games and oh yeah, kids!  If you don’t know anyone personally needing help, you can search for gigs at UrbanSitter or SitterCity.  

For the Entrepreneur: Get your freelance on and offer your skills to the world. Photography, graphic design, and content writing are all hot these days! Platforms like Upwork and Fiverr can help you to score work if you don’t have any prospective clients.

For the Workaholic: Unleash the worker bee within and contact your old boss, find a seasonal gig, or find a local temp agency. This is a great way to earn a predictable income even for a short-term job. You may even land a role that you can come back to during future school breaks!

For the Trend Maven: Make room for your holiday haul by selling your old clothing in person at Plato’s Closet or Crossroads; or online through Depop, Poshmark, or your favorite platform. You can also score cash for your older gadgets through places like Gazelle, and Decluttr.

For the Animal Lover: indulge your affection for furry friends and walk dogs or pet sit.  Check out Wag, PetSitter, or Rover for gigs near you.

Side note: When you use platforms to sell items or find work, said platform will take a cut, either in the form of membership fees or a percentage of your earnings. Doing business directly with another person, if possible, can help you keep more of your dough in your pocket

No matter where your money is flowing from over winter break, remember: Charlie can help you manage it. He’ll tell you when your hard work has paid off (funds deposited cha-ching!) and track your progress toward a savings goal.

Tell your Charlie Friends: How will you be earning extra moolah over winter break?

Please note: We don’t have any affiliation with or personally endorse any of the services linked to in this post. We’re just trying to give you some ideas.

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