10+ Tips to Get Fit on the Cheap

by | Sep 10, 2019

You know that physical fitness is integral to good health and that good health can ultimately keep more of your money in the bank. However, getting fit can be very pricey. Fancy gym memberships, specialty classes, expensive equipment, and designer workout gear can really add up. Don’t worry, though — there are lots of ways to get lean and mean without overworking your wallet.


Here are 10+ tips to get fit on the cheap:

Location, Location, Location


While the gym may offer a lot, you really don’t need to go there to get fit. Try working out in these other prime spots:

  • At home: Skip the early morning drive and stream a workout video in your living room. You can find practically any type of routine with a quick internet search. Bonus: by eliminating the extra step of actually getting to your exercise location, you may be able to stick with a more regular fitness schedule. 
  • At work: Find out if your office has an onsite gym for employee use. Or, if you live close enough, commute under your own power by walking or biking.
  • In your neighborhood: Take advantage of parks, bike paths, and hiking trails as you soak in the beauty of where you live.
  • In local events: Join a town sports league for a great way to get in your exercise and make new friends. Can’t commit the time? Try participating in an area 5k run. You’ll get in your steps and can feel good about paying the entrance fee to support a worthy cause.

Save on Equipment and Workout Gear


To keep your wallet fat, avoid shopping for gear at the mall or the sporting goods store. Try sourcing your equipment:

  • Online: You can find used weights, stationary bikes, and treadmills for short money on sites like Craigslist pretty much every day of the week. You may even be able to score what you need gratis by checking out Freecycle.
  • From your community: Yard sales and garage sales often price unwanted exercise equipment to move fast (get it?!). Want to leverage technology? Try using apps like OfferUp.
  • From your pantry or closet: Who needs dumbbells when you have canned corn and water jugs in your pantry? Want to get your step aerobics on, but don’t have an actual stepper? A sturdy stool can do the job.
  • From your dresser drawer: As long as your workout attire is breathable, comfortable, and supportive, you’re good. And you probably have old t-shirts and shorts in your dresser drawer that can do the trick. Remember, there’s no need for fancy designer gear when you’re just going to get sweaty in it.

Other Hacks


  • Get encouragement and support: If you’re missing the camaraderie of the gym, find a local workout buddy that can come to your house or meet you at the park. You can also try different fitness apps to track your progress and keep your motivation high.
  • Check your employer benefits: Your employer may offer fitness incentives that include paying for a gym membership. It doesn’t hurt to ask!
  • Shop smart: If you really need to buy new things for your fitness journey, look for sales and discounts. And, if you must go to the gym (and can’t get your job to pay for it), compare prices between locations and try to sign up during a promotion.


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Final Thoughts


Getting your body in tip top condition doesn’t require fancy gadgets or classes. Though, if those things make you happy, by all means get them! But, if you want to get fit on the cheap, these tips should have you well on your way.


Tell Charlie: What are your favorite ways to save on fitness-related expenses?


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