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"Charlie’s affiliate program has allowed me to recommend a product I myself use and love. My clients and followers have loved using Charlie to track their spending and progress towards goals — it’s the perfect way to budget passively."

Tori Dunlap, Founder

Frequently Asked Questions

Does it cost anything to join the Charlie Affiliate program?

No. You don’t pay us, we pay you. It is completely free to join and start earning.

How do I earn money?

Every time one of your followers signs up with Charlie with our link, you get paid. That’s it! And there’s no limit on how many commissions you can get, so the more people that click through, the more you’ll earn.

How do I join the Affiliate program?

Fill out the form on this page. If it looks like a good fit, we’ll get back to you on how to set it up and the terms and conditions. It’s fast and easy, we promise!

What kind of affiliates is Charlie looking for?

If you can drive qualified digital traffic, either through a website, blog, YouTube channel, social media, or email newsletters. We’re looking for people who share compatible audiences with us to help us expand our user base.

What kind of audiences is Charlie looking for?

We’re looking for audiences that are primarily in the United States. Our most engaged users are ordinary young women who are looking to improve their lives and get better with money.

About Charlie

Charlie was created by a team of passionate engineers and designers who want to help Americans with their finances. Charlie’s fun, conversational interface helps Americans better understand their money and get a grasp on their finances.

Charlie is used by hundreds of thousands of ordinary Americans to set savings goals, tracking spending, and set up budgets. And we’re only just getting started!

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