No debt, no stress

Get out of debt one step at a time, with Charlie's revolutionary payments planner.

Get a plan

Get to your debt-free goal years faster by paying slightly more. We'll tell you exactly how much time you'll save.

Charlie saves for you

Charlie helps you save money automatically to pay down debt based on rules you choose.

Celebrate along the way

As you progress in your journey to become debt-free, Charlie will help you celebrate every step of the way. Whoo!

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Great ideas on finance

I really like the extra help to stay focused on financial goals

Best app

I got connected with the robot somehow and became friends

Perfect, happy, and all-knowing

I love this app. Simple & to the point.


Love the app. Charlie is super helpful, organizing my money and giving good advice.

1st Day of my app

Very excited to control my finances. Charlie seems like a perfect fit for me. This is Day 1

Useful & handy

Charlie has helped me get a clearer pictuer of how to better handle my finances.

Security and privacy you can trust

Charlie uses the same 256-bit SSL-encryption that banks use

We insist on SSL for all connections to our website

We don't collect or share your personal information

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